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No longer a virgin beauty, still it never fails to come catchy on city’s sore eyes, that‘s what Mandarmani is all about. Located in East Midnapore and cuddled by the northern side of the Bay of Bengal, this place is the perfect gateway for those looking towards a welcome break from hurly-burly of monotonous city life.

Seated on the sea beach of Mandarmani, Hotel Sonar Bangla is a low-rise and ocean front structure sprawling across the acres of well-manicured lawns and greenery. All the rooms are sea-facing to let our customers feast their eyes on the vastness of sea while relaxing on sofa or bed. In-house swimming pool is another big draw of the hotel. You can enjoy blue beauty of the en-suite puddle either sitting by its side or diving into it. The landscaped garden is hyphened by mini-sized seating arrangement having a blue tin shade overhead.

A long stretch of beach is the main attraction in Mandarmoni. The motorable beach measures 13 km in length and is considered the longest one in India. Ambience is peaceful and serenity lords all over the place. Enjoy the Continuous rolling of waves on the blue expanse. Even if you don’t like to swim, just sit on the beach and listen to the cadence of waves fondly licking up your feet. It is less likely that you will have too many visitors around and that makes Mandarmoni the best place to relax with your family and be one with your inner self too.

The hotel rooms offer enough of space and are decorated with modern fittings. Offers are so various that it may be a challenge for you to make the right choice. Deluxe Non-AC, Deluxe AC, Premium AC, Super Deluxe and Dormitory are available. Price differs in accordance with amenities available. Every room has attached bathroom and is equipped with king sized beds, wardrobe and other modern amenities.

Mandarmoni has become a popular spot for the travelers who want a mesmerizing rendezvous with tranquility and beauty of the sea on weekends. Though most of the people prefer it for short-term visit still some spend vacation for a fortnight in Mandarmoni. Sonar Bangla caters to the preference and pockets of different brackets of tourists. Imposing exterior beauty finely compliments the engaging interior grandeur. Apart from its strategic location, architectural splendor and comfort quotient, high-end service of the office staffs has also brought fame to the Hotel Sonar Bangla in Mandarmani.

Hotel Sonar Bangla, Mandarmoni
Kalindi, Chaulkhola, Dist: Purba Medinipore, West Bengal.
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